"Great relaxing massage. I love that it's so convenient!"

-Darlene W.



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Massage Bar at a Glance


The Leader in Airport Seated Massage

We are a high quality, service-oriented business that knows how to consistently increase revenue and please the airport customer. Unlike the typical spa concept that appeals primarily to women, we appeal equally to everyone by remaining focused on wellness in a comfortable, unassuming atmosphere. This non-exclusive approach has contributed to our above-average performance in this retail category.


Our Key Advantages

Massage Bar successfully operates multiple locations utilizing our unique, time-tested seated massage services.  High customer service standards have become our hallmark and have made us the leader in airport seated massage.  Our proven track record and our history of strong retained earnings make us the experienced choice for your airport concession plan.


High Revenue Potential: Operates exceedingly well as a kiosk or in small in-line spaces. Our branded image and flexible design features natural elements, such as custom bamboo millwork, polished stone and glass tile. Combined with a rich color pallet and texture, we are able to create a relaxing, soothing environment for the busy airport traveler.


Professional Staff: Our licensed/certified massage therapists are personable and friendly, ensuring a truly welcome and professional relaxation experience tailored to the individual.


100% ACDBE certified : As a majority woman-owned business, Massage Bar complies with all applicable airport regulations and ACDBE requirements.


Conscientious: We offer a variety of wellness-oriented merchandise. Every effort is made to promote organic, sustainable, recycled and American made products.



"Massage Bar is a life saver. I fly weekly and always look forward to stopping in before my flight."

                 -Mark M.

"Massage Bar is a fantastic idea! I stop by every time I am in Seattle or Boise. I'm hooked!"

-Tina S.


















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