"I have the utmost confidence in my coworkers because we are a strong team that works well together."


-Nancy Watt, LMT

"I really enjoy helping out the weary traveler and believe that Massage Bar is a perfect fit for anyone else who wants to really make a positive difference in people's lives through massage."


-Yvette Novak, LMP


"I have always felt that our massage therapists are the life blood of Massage Bar.  Clearly, without their trained hands and open hearts we wouldn't be where we are today."


-Cary S Cruea, President/Founder



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Fresh out of school? Looking for a change?



  • Build massage skills and experience

  • Generate a steady income while working part-time

  • Network with other therapists

  • Work in a fun, fast paced, ever-changing environment

  • Flexible hours

    Friendly and professional therapists make our business successful by sharing their own unique experience and knowledge through their work.  The working dynamic provides an opportunity for continued education from co-workers, supervisors, and is supported by corporate training.

Massage Bar provides an opportunity for therapists to come together in a fun, flexible and fast-paced working environment, sharing knowledge and creativity, while providing seated massage and other services to our customer base.


Therapists new to the profession are encouraged to apply and gain valuable experience while building personal and professional skills and generating income.  Experienced therapists looking for a new challenge or an opportunity to supplement their regular massage practice will find the Massage Bar a rewarding place to work. 

Massage Bar is currently accepting resumes. Please contact your local manager for more information:




















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