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Industry Leader in Airport Seated Massage Since 1994

Cary Cruea

President and Founder






Established in 1993, Massage Bar successfully operates multiple locations utilizing our unique, time-tested seated massage services.  High customer service standards have become our hallmark and have made us the leader in airport seated massage.  Our proven track record and our history of strong retained earnings make us the experienced choice for your airport concession plan.

  • High Revenue Potential:  Up to $4000 sales per square foot.
  • ACDBE Revenue:  Able to Qualify for ACDBE status.
  • Popular with both Men and Women:  Customers are 52% Male / 48% Female, with 55% traveling on business.
  • Available in Two Formats: Kiosk or Inline:  Massage Bar works in as little as 80-240 square feet for a kiosk.
  • Nationally Branded Concept:  Customers recognize our name and trend-setting services.
  • Exceptional Customer Service:  Our goal is to tailor the service for each customer.
  • Professionally Trained Staff:  We hire only Licensed, Certified, and trained Massage Therapists.
  • Scent-Free Packaging:  With our products, every effort is made to ensure that fragrance sensitivities are considered.

Massage Bar at a Glance

Operating Successfully in Airports since 1994

Unlike the typical spa concept that appeals primarily to women, we appeal equally to both men and women by remaining focused on wellness in a comfortably unassuming atmosphere. This type of non-exclusive appeal has contributed to our above-average performance in this retail category. We are a high quality, service-oriented business that knows how to stay current, consistently increase revenue and please the airport customer.

Massage Bar is constantly evaluating ways to include the most cutting-edge customer service and relaxation techniques. We have been in  business since 1993, and we have the most experience of any of our domestic competitors.


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