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Massage Bar is the innovative creation of Cary Cruea. 

The concept began when Cary set up shop as a Licensed Massage Practitioner at a clinic in downtown Seattle and found herself targeting the lunchtime crowd.  Downtown professionals came to her clinic where she advertised a 'Healthy Break' and had fashioned seated massage stations along the wall.  The idea of providing a permanent site for quick, relaxing tune-ups flamed the fire of Massage Bar.

Established in 1993, Massage Bar is recognized as the pioneer and leader in airport seated massage and wellness services.   The philosophy behind Massage Bar was to take massage mainstream, to bring it out from behind closed doors. 

By making massage visible, affordable, accessible, fun and healthy. Our time-tested massage techniques have relaxed more than 4 MILLION travelers to date.

Massage Bar President and Founder Cary Cruea


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